The Famara surfing guide

In the Canary Islands it is possible to find beaches for all tastes, from paradisiacal options with landscapes of white sand and turquoise sea, to very good destinations for practicing water sports, with challenging spots recognized throughout the world. Not for nothing, one of the best known, Playa de Famara on the island of Lanzarote, is visited by prominent international surfers every month of the year.

And it is that this beautiful beach offers unbeatable conditions for surfing, with spots for all levels. It is for this reason that we have prepared this useful guide to waves in Famara, so that your surfing on the island is very profitable.

surfing in Famara

Surfing in Famara

Famara beach is located next to the small coastal fishing village called Caleta de Famara , on the island of Lanzarote. It stretches along 6km of coastline and, thanks to its unparalleled conditions for surfing, many of the most renowned surf schools offer their courses in this part of the island. The range of services ranges from surf lessons to equipment rental and accommodation in comfortable rooms, among other benefits.

Like Quemao, Famara Beach is considered one of the best known and most popular for surfing and other water sports on the island of Lanzarote. In addition, the exotic beauty of its lunar landscape surrounded by mountains captivates all who visit it.

The cold winter months are ideal for Famara surfing ; however, since the waves are usually very consistent in this area, the ideal season can be from the beginning of autumn until the arrival of summer. From May to September, the constant winds favor other types of water sports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.

The Surf Spots of Famara Beach

Famara is a beach of golden sand that has no rocks and its waves are fast and barrel-shaped, which can break both to the left and to the right. Among the best known spots is the center of the beach , which can be accessed on foot from the town center. It is considered very safe for those who are just taking their first steps in surfing, therefore, it is the area where most surf courses are offered.

Famara beach surfing

For its part, one of the most recognized spots in this area is El Muelle de Famara, with a rocky bottom and not at all easy, even for the most experienced. In order to take advantage of it in its maximum splendor, it is necessary to wait for the swell to arrive in a northerly direction and always better at high tide.

Continuing through the entrance of the town we will find El Codito , a mixed rock and sand spot, recommended for intermediate level surfers, mainly due to the presence of rocks.

The Bunker below the Famara bungalows, there is usually a good right-hand break for all levels.

El Palo , another of the best waves on this beach and the most frequented by surfers in the area

the paper ,  the most tubera of this long beach, located in the corner under the foot of the Famara cliff

The most experienced in this sport find in San Juan a spot with powerful and fast waves. The left breaks on a rocky bottom, so it is convenient to have a good level of surfing to surf it.

El Perejil , between Cagao and San Juan, a powerful wave that only works with a full moon at maximum high tide, is dangerous and more recommended for bodyboards

Very close to the Famara pier we find Cagao , an ideal spot for bodyboards thanks to its short and tube waves, although it is also perfect for different levels of surfing.

Also on the dock of Caleta de Famara is the right of Bajo Méndez, called the Wise right , a noble and very long wave with the right conditions, North or Northwest swell and low tide, very good wave to progress from intermediate to advanced level, except on days when it gets big that it becomes a powerful wave to The experts

famer surfing

Famara has everything for surfing

In addition to offering first class waves, Famara has perfect conditions for developing your surfing, distilling a surfer atmosphere during all months of the year. Its offer of surf courses, accommodation alternatives and equipment rental, make this corner of the Canary Islands the ideal place to learn surfing with the most experienced instructors. We are sure that this concise Famara wave guide will be very useful for your next surf trip to the island; We invite you to visit this well-known surfing corner, so that you can experience, firsthand, the best surfing in the best place in all of the Canary Islands.

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