More and more people decide to spend Christmas holidays in a different and unconventional way and choose to travel to the Canary Islands to enjoy a special surf camp for adults for Christmas.

For some time now, surf camps have become the perfect option to live a different Christmas and this time we are going to tell you very good reasons to consider this destination on your next end-of-year trip.

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Surf camps in Canary Islands

For those who are passionate about surfing, it is ideal to take advantage of the Christmas holidays to enjoy their favorite sport. Of all the suggested destinations, the Canary Islands offer the best offer in terms of water activities, due, to a large extent, to the ideal conditions it presents for the practice of this type of sports, especially surfing.

The place chosen by those who are looking for perfect waves is Playa de Famara, on the island of Lanzarote, one of the most privileged for surfing. In this place, it is possible to find various options to spend the Christmas holidays surfing as hard as possible.

Warm weather, water temperatures around 20°C on average and waves of all sizes, are probably some of the most important reasons that allow you to choose Playa de Famara as the perfect place for an unforgettable surf camp.

Lanzarote: the best destination for an unforgettable surf camp

Calima Surf’s proposal for this end of the year is more than auspicious. The camp pack for the Christmas holidays includes five hours of surf classes per day, combining theory classes with practices. In addition, it is possible to enjoy two hours of free surfing a day, with the possibility of using the school’s material at no additional cost.

The surf camp for the end of the year that Calima Surf has prepared includes accommodation at the school’s Famara surf house , located within the Famara Nature Reserve, just 100 meters from the beach and offering spectacular views.

All materials are provided by the school for free, being able to find the perfect equipment for each level. The packages include hot sandwiches, waters and fruit juices on the beach, in order to obtain the energy to perform adequately in the sea.

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A complete surf camp proposal in Famara

The monitors that are part of the Calima Surf team have the FCS and BSA qualifications, in addition to the title of aquatic lifeguards. As a security complement for the participants, the surf camp in Famara includes civil liability insurance.

The small groups, of no more than eight students per monitor, allow the accompaniment to be personalized, directly attending to the corrections and helping progress in an accelerated way. This also allows you to always have a monitor nearby to attend to any need.

As part of the package, you will be able to attend a Drysurf Training System class, the new and revolutionary system that facilitates your learning to surf. In addition, the monitors keep an eye on the progress of the students with the help of a photo analysis that allows errors to be detected and corrected.

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Complementary activities to live surfing to the full this holiday season

The Famara surf school offers various complementary activities to surfing to enjoy this Christmas. Yoga, kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, hiking, and fitness classes are just some of the options that can be done at times that complement the surf camp.

The school monitors will be able to help you design a daily proposal of sports activities, according to the physical demands of each one of them, in order not to tire the body too much.

From private classes to packages with accommodation included, through equipment rental and the possibility of carrying out complementary activities, the school has different options to enjoy surfing this Christmas. Plan your next year-end vacation with Calima Surf and live a different experience this Christmas challenging the waves in the Canary Islands.

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