As a fresh, innovative and different training methodology, this is how we can define the Drysurf Training System , a new and revolutionary teaching system that allows perfecting the surfing technique and optimizing the physical development of the athlete, whether professional or amateur. Pay attention that, in the following lines, we tell you what it consists of and what are the benefits of this innovative teaching method.

drysurf training system

What is the Drysurf teaching method about?

Multifunctional and suitable for any sport, the Drysurf teaching system combines the best of sports medicine with physical preparation and neural stimulation, in order to protect and prepare the athlete’s musculoskeletal system, avoiding the risk of injury as much as possible. unnecessary in sports practice.

In essence, this training method adapts any sport exercise to a specific system that minimizes aggressive impacts and avoids any joint damage that may occur. In this way, it is possible to activate neuronal stimulation and reduce the risk of injury, thanks to the brain’s ability to memorize and correct movements.

This training system adapts very well to the exercises of different disciplines, including surfing, rhythmic gymnastics, snow boarding, martial arts, football, paddle tennis, etc.

The Drysurf method in surfing

In the case of surfing, the Drysurf teaching system provides a simulator that allows athletes, both beginners and high-performance athletes, to carry out their practices in a very easy and safe way. Thus, the method allows to execute a new form of training that helps to enhance, through preventive medicine, the skills of surfing, such as concentration, balance and fluidity.

The system also allows correcting all postures and helps to practice and perfect all the maneuvers of surfing out of the water. That is why it is so important, especially when learning the Take Off, that is, the technique to stand up and catch the wave. With the simulator, it is possible to practice this maneuver around 40 to 60 times per hour, considerably reducing preparation time.

Functional training without damaging the joints

The essence of this methodology is that It allows adapting any exercise to the work system , considerably reducing aggressive impacts and avoiding the risk of joint damage by executing the correct posture. The versatility of the Drysurf training system allows you to do jumps, pull-ups, stretches, sit-ups, throws, etc.; with incredible results.

The Drysurf method represents a great ally for the athlete, whatever the sport they practice and the level they are at. In the specific case of surfing, the method gives the surfer a good level of security and confidence , essential for the execution of this sport; In addition, it facilitates its initiation since it allows the correction of postures out of the water.

This system is especially important for proprioception training , being essential to keep us alert, prevent falls, avoid injuries and facilitate the rehabilitation process of an injury. Also, it is a great neural stimulator , helping the brain to mechanize what has been learned and instinctively put it into practice.

dry surfing functional training

A training that adapts to all levels

The Drysurf Training System not only makes it easy for beginners to learn surfing, but also helps higher level surfers perfect their technique. Thus, those experienced surfers who seek to improve their progression, find in this simulator the possibility of practicing their movements, especially when the conditions to enter the sea are not the most favorable.

Calima Surf, the Famara surf school , has included this revolutionary training system in all its teaching packages, from the basic to the most intensive. In an area specially equipped for this purpose, the monitors put this method into practice among their students, being very effective both in the initiation and for the improvement of the technique or physical maintenance.

The Drysurf Training System represents the easiest way to get started in the wonderful world of surfing. With this method, it is possible to strengthen muscles, improve balance and obtain greater agility and body flexibility. The result is a body physically and mentally prepared to achieve better performance in the water.

In this school you can also come and surf for free, for this we have comfortable accommodation in our surf house Famara (Lanzarote) a few steps from the beach and surfboard rental in Famara

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