Is summer approaching and you are still organizing your holidays? I invite you to check your agenda so that you can write down the main surfing festivals in Spain. Whether you are an amateur or a novice surfer you can enjoy a few days of concerts, championships, markets just a few meters from the sea, exhibitions, camping and most importantly share with wave lovers.

It is not the same as someone telling you about his or her experience at the Spanish Surfing Festivals. Set aside some time and experience the excitement of the shows on the water and on the sand, and you can also take part in the games, taste the gastronomic variety of the market stalls on the beach with the sea breeze to refresh you.

Below we describe some very interesting aspects of the surfing festivals that will encourage you to include them in your activities next summer.

What is a Surf Festival?

The word festival means “celebration” and it also describes events that are characterized by having numerous events held on several days or in several places. Therefore, a Surf Festival is a celebration of the sport. But it is not so simple, in a Surf Festival you can camp, attend concerts in front of the beach, you will find stands of recognized brands and products from different sponsors, good food, dances, games in and out of the water, exhibitions of suits, boards, surfing equipment, as well as the presence of important figures within the surf. If you are interested in festivals and want to learn in one of the best, surf school Famara, do not hesitate to contact us.

Surf Festivals in Spain

Spain is one of the countries where you can find a large number of companies and institutions in charge of promoting surfing, which is why you can find on the internet many training and recreational activities aimed at raising awareness of this wonderful sport, among which are the Surfing Festivals.

The Surf Festivals in Spain allow you to enjoy and learn everything about surfing in just a few days. Among the most complete we have selected some that may interest you:

Salinas Longboard Festival

For the month of July, the International Longboard Festival is held, this event organized for competitors from all over the world. This festival is held in Playa Salinas (Asturias). You can participate in workshops, talks, open air cinema and free musical performances, as well as find an area with surf shops, designers, craftsmen and creative people.

Surf Music&Friends

Surf MusicFriends

During the first days of August in Playa Salinas you can continue the fun at the Salinas “Surf Music&Friends” Festival. It is a very dynamic event where you can practice surfing under a different scheme because every year they change the theme, for example, for the year 2018 the attendees enjoyed a universe of palms, pastel colors, boho style fabrics and lots of saltpeter, the theme was “California”.

“O Marisquiño”

In the middle of August, in the Maritime Port of Vigo (Galicia) you can attend one of the biggest urban sport surfing meetings. This great festival brings together more than ten sports competitions and different cultural events over three days.

The difference from other festivals is the great reputation of O Marisquiño because it has organized three world cups: Word Cup Skateboarding Street, World Cup Skateboardig Miniramp and Dirt FMB World Tour.

What does this mean?: If you are a surfer who wants to stand out, the score you get by participating in the sports events of this festival, allows you to acquire international category by positioning yourself in a professional ranking.

Pantín Classic

Pantín Classic

During the last week of August and the beginning of September, one of the best surfing festivals in Spain and one of the busiest (more than 60,000 visitors have been registered) is held at Pantín Beach.

You can enjoy ten days of the best surfing, showbiz and the presentation of new talent, accompanied by a wide range of food and entertainment, surf shops and the famous “baptisms of surfing”.

Roots Surf Festival

The second week of September belongs to the village of El Palmar in Andalusia where the Roots Surf Festival is held. You can attend different concerts of folk groups, hip hop, reggae, indie, among others.

However, if you prefer other types of activities you are offered sessions of yoga, body percussion, skating, kick boxing, Mad Cap games, creative writing, Anti Karaoke sessions and if you have some time to spare or prefer something different you can attend an Air Guitar competition.

Canary Surf Film Festival

If you want to spend the whole summer in entertaining activities in front of the sea, from the end of July to the beginning of November is available the Canary Surf Film Festival, which is a travelling surf film festival that takes place between the islands of the Canary archipelago with the aim of connecting film directors, athletes, friends and family to enjoy excellent film productions.

The coverage of this festival extends to the territories of Tenerife, Paseo Marítimo Puerto Naos, Playa de Timijiraque, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, you will hardly have time to rest before such a varied offer of film screenings accompanied by musical performances, exhibitions and lectures by very special guests.

Events and Surfing Championships in the Canary Islands

Checking the web page of the Canary Islands Surfing Federation we have found a series of events and championships of Surfing in the Canary Islands that we recommend you to start competing or to raise your score in the surfing ranking. Look for your agenda and start taking notes:

  • Sup Race Cup in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria held at the end of March.
  • Test of the Canarian Surfing Circuit – Promises Male and Female to be held in Puerto de la Cruz and promoted by the sports brand RVCA on the Martiánez beach (a great opportunity if you are a beginner surfer).
  • Izquierda de las Palmeras (one of the best waves in the Canary Islands), can guarantee you a good place in the Canarian Junior Surfing Circuit. (December)
  • Cabreiroá Pro Las Américas where more than 100 surfers from all over the world meet to compete (February).
  • Los Palos Airshow: Another event that will give you an excellent position for the Canarian Open Bodyboard Circuit, the meeting place is Los Palos beach. (December).
  • Las Palmeras Open Championship: Let’s say it’s one of the “musts”. Organized by the Kontraola School, the Spanish Surfing Federation and the Canary Islands Surfing Federation and valid for the national circuit, Iberdrola League and Canary Islands Open Surfing Circuit for Men and Women.
  • The Open Ipa Surf City held in December offers important cash prizes for the men’s and women’s categories. In December 2019 the national surfing titles were contested in Playa de La Cícer (Gran Canaria).
  • Other important events: Fuerteventura Sup Challenge Waves&RAce, Gran Canaria Pro/AM Stand up Paddle Race, Canarian Bodyboard Circuit.
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