Cancellation Policy

1. How to reserve


The traveler will request availability for the selected date, via email or by phone or Whatsapp.


Once we confirm the availability of a place we will send you an attached quote, indicating the deposit required to confirm the reservation, which must be paid within 48 hours by direct deposit, bank transfer, credit card (5% surcharge) or Paypal (5% surcharge). The outstanding amount will be paid in cash upon arrival at our center where a surcharge will also be applicable depending on the method of payment.


If the client has not been able to make the deposit 48 hours after we send the email with the budget of your reservation and confirmation of availability should contact us again to verify the availability of the requested places otherwise Calima Surf is not responsible for possible overbookings.

2. Cancellation conditions


In the event that the student decides to cancel the contracted course, he/she must notify Calimasurf at least thirty working days before the start of the course. In this case, the student will be entitled to a refund of the amounts paid, deducting 25 € of such amounts, as management fees.


If such cancellation, by the student, is notified to Calimasurf with a period of less than thirty working days before the start of the course, the student will not be entitled to a refund of the amounts paid, the amount of the payment will be saved for a future reservation for a period of 48 months, period in which the student may select a new date for the completion of courses and sufcamps, as long as there are places available on the new dates chosen by the student and this BONUS will be 100% transferable.


If such cancellation is notified less than three working days before the contracted date, the student will be charged a penalty and will not be entitled to any refund, as a management fee.


Calima understands that the reservation made through the internet and agreed upon is to the client’s liking and is confirmed with the payment of the deposit. Therefore, even if modifications can be made upon arrival at the school, these must never be inferior in number, days and price to those previously contracted. If they are, Calima reserves the right to refund the money.

3. Cancellation of activities due to weather or lack of conditions


If the contracted activities (Surf, Kite and Diving…) are cancelled for weather reasons (rain or extreme winds) or due to lack of appropriate conditions for the practice of such activities (waves in the case of surfing or wind in the case of Kite or Windsurfing) Calima Surf will propose the following alternatives to the client:

·Change of date for the contracted activity;
    • ·The realization of an alternative activity within our gymnasium.
    • ·If the client is unable to change the dates or is not interested in doing an alternative activity, a fully transferable voucher equivalent to the outstanding amount of the contracted activity will be offered, valid for 2 years from the date of issue.