The impressive Famara cliff

Meet the best beach in Lanzarote

004 waves

Located in the town of Caleta de Famara

A privileged place where you can enjoy one of the wonders of the island of Lanzarote, it is one of those beaches that seems to have no end wherever you go.

An almost golden sand beach with impressive views of the Chinijo archipelago (the island of Graciosa and its islets), a bay of more than 5 kilometers of sand and the spectacular cliff that borders this beach located in the northwest of Lanzarote, called a nature reserve. and the recommended place for beginner surf.

It is the longest beach in Lanzarote, it offers perfect conditions for initiation due to the long distance of the waves.

Undoubtedly a good place to stay, where you can find a wide range of apartments and bungalows for rent.

Famara beach is more than just a paradise for surfers and kitesurfers who travel to the area throughout the year. The truth is that this small town with a fishing tradition has achieved world renown as a meeting point for surfers. This obviously makes it, in a way, a paradise for fans of these water sports. Every year in the month of October one of the world surfing events is held and recently one of the events for the Spanish kitesurfing championship was held, now there is talk of holding one of the world events. However, it offers us much more than that, even if you do not practice these sports, it is a good place to relax and spend a pleasant vacation on the beach, with family or friends, sunbathe, rent bicycles, hike in the area. , hang gliding, paragliding, diving or just reading a good book in a relaxed atmosphere.

Famara beach surfing 3

Near the beach, walking to the west, we have another smaller beach known as the San Juan beach, which is mainly used by surfers, and where a professional level surfing competition is held every year. The strong currents and waves mean that bathing in the waters of Famara requires caution if you are not used to it.

In the town you can find restaurants, bars, a hamburger joint and three supermarkets, the kitchen cannot be said to be the “Bomba ;-)” but you will certainly find fresh fish and seafood in the area, in the hamburger joint you can find all kinds of tapas and you really eat well at a good price, in the “La Mar Cafe” bar for night parties, or relax playing the pool with a good surfer atmosphere.

There are also several shops and schools specialized in active tourism and water sports, in the same town.

There are no hotels in the area and accommodation is quite limited so we advise you to have something booked before your trip, especially in summer, the bus service is quite poor in the area, so we recommend renting a car.


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