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Yoga classes in Famara

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Enjoy surfing and yoga, in connection with nature, by the sea of Famara.

The perfect communion for an integral development

Both yoga and surfing are disciplines that work on self-improvement and self-knowledge. From the body, it is possible to reach the essence of the being, that which goes beyond oneself and which gives a sensation of indescribable happiness. In addition, yoga allows the body to have greater agility and flexibility, making it an excellent complement to surfing.    

Yoga represents a whole lifestyle and allows us to improve posture and performance in surfing. At Calima Surf School we offer you the opportunity to connect yoga with surfing, in an unparalleled natural environment: Famara beach, on the island of Lanzarote.

Yoga modalities and benefits for your surfing


Bio Yoga

Inspired by biodecoding, bio yoga provides valuable tools that will enable you to achieve significant changes in your life. Through the yoga asanas, you will be able to harmonize all aspects of your being: body, mind, emotions and spirit. You will be able to feel the body’s energy and will gain vitality and health.

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Hatha Vital Yoga

The most widespread yoga in the world, which prepares the body for meditation. A combination of Hatha yoga and Flow yoga that helps to calm the agitated mind, giving you serenity and peace of mind. At the body level, it helps control breathing and increases lung capacity, providing flexibility to the body.

Kundalini Yoga

A dynamic yoga, which helps to work on all aspects of the human being and allows for a deep inner transformation. Kundalini yoga involves coordination between movement and breathing, combines static and dynamic asanas and helps to achieve absolute control of the breath during the exercise. Thus, it is possible to strengthen the nervous system and make the body more flexible.

A program that harmonizes your physical, mental and spiritual health

The yoga classes at our school have been designed to improve some specific aspects of surfing, such as strengthening shoulders, arms and legs, making hips more flexible, training balance and improving concentration.

The sessions start with specific positions to warm up the body, especially the joints and the areas of greatest tension. After the initial mantra and a conscious breathing to tune in to the inner self, the practice alternates the dynamic asanas of Ashtanga yoga with the exercises to improve body alignment and chest opening as a result of Iyengar Yoga.

At the end, we perform the Savasana, the most important yoga posture that will allow us to achieve an integrated relaxation of the body and mind.

Our proposal

Concentration, flexibility, balance and physical resistance are just some of the benefits you will find in yoga that will greatly improve your surfing technique.

yoga session



yoga session



About your teacher.

Sandra Bosic was born in Milan in 1978. After concluding her studies in environmental engineering, she decided to embark on the adventure of travelling the world in order to acquire profound knowledge about yoga.

In India, she achieved certification as a yoga teacher and has been in constant training for over a decade, while sharing her teachings with students from the school.

Currently, Sandra offers yoga classes for beginners and advanced students in the natural environment of the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

And if you prefer you can also choose Thai Massage
(passive yoga)

Thai massage is a type of Thai massage, which consists of a stretching and depth massage. This form of bodywork is usually done on the floor, dressed in comfortable clothing that allows for movement.

Looking for a yoga retreat with classes and accommodation in the Famara nature reserve?


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